Sunday, October 3, 2010

New iPod Releases – Future is ‘Touch’

Going back to the feeling that I had when I bought my very first iPod almost 5 years ago, I was so amazed that this little gadget can actually have that big memory playing all the songs that I like. Now with the new releases of iPods minus the keypads and click wheels, the feeling of excitement is back especially now that the future of touch screen is in these new models.

These newly released iPod models are like hints that non-touch screen models will soon be phased out by touch integrated models. Let us take a review on these new product lines recently released in the market.

iPod Touch

The best thing to compare this new iPod Touch model is with iPhone 4 but it’s just that iPod works as an iPod while iPhone of course has the cellular components. This new model is already equipped with cameras. Yes, not only one camera but two cameras which can both give you still shots comparable to the iPhone 4 960x640 Retina display resolution. Aside from that, the tap-to-focus capabilities found in iPhone 4 is also present in this iPod offering. This can work as a pocket camcorder but only if you consider it as an additional tool of being a multimedia player. The size and style is impressive compared to the older models and the applications are still great which include the browser, email app, Google Maps and FaceTime.

On the other hand, if you really want to have a serious camcorder, better have a real high-end camcorder because this new model’s cam will not make digital cameras look like a loser. When it comes to sound, this model can still make Apple proud but not that much once you use external speakers. Though its speakers are housed the same as iPhone 4, the sound that this new iPod Touch produces is a bit tinny.

iPod Nano

The elongated Nano that we know before is now replaced with a model that is almost the same size as the Shuffle. Its new compact size and long battery life makes it more handy and perfect for active and sporty people especially during exercise and running. But what’s more amazing is that the former click wheels are already replaced by a touch-enabled screen! Yes, you can now navigate your Nano with your fingers where you can even use different types of applications. But don’t get too excited about third party apps because Nano is not enabled for those yet, well for sure this is only the start where in later models it would be enabled. For now, you can use standard apps such as Now Playing, Playlists, Radio, Clock, Photos, Fitness, and more.

Touch screen for Nano is an exciting new feature especially when the image of the song’s album being played colorfully wallpapers the screen of the device. Just like any other touch-enabled Apple device, the Nano can be both touched and multi-touched.

When it comes to sound quality, the Nano produces a solid quality sound. But now, the Nano is no longer video enabled probably because of its smaller screen size. Logically, you would have difficulty seeing videos assuming that they are played in this mini-gadget.

iPod Shuffle

In the Shuffle’s most previous model, the control buttons were replaced by an in-line control. But now, the buttons are back in the new Shuffle but the digital Voice-over that announces the playlist and song titles is still present. What I just missed from the 2nd generation models that are not brought back in this new model is the lock button feature that is very useful whenever you might always accidentally bump onto things that would unwontedly change the song played. Sound is solid with earphones or headphones but may sound tinny when using speakers.

Photo credits: SlashGear (group shot), Engadget (for Touch), TechCrunch (for Nano), BoingBoing (for Shuffle).

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