Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sony Cassette Walkman Killed on iPod’s Anniversary

For 3 decades that Sony has made the cassette Walkman a popular gadget icon, the company has finally announced the final demise of the portable cassette player. This means that they will stop manufacturing and selling the player right on the date when iPod celebrates its 9th birthday.

Stereo has become more portable with the birth of the Sony Walkman on July 1, 1979 in Japan making it a major breakthrough in the market. Though it was just a month-long hit because of media continuously panning it, Sony continued to push targeting younger markets by advertising it having young popstars. The efforts that year had good results and the sales grew ten times. For over 30 years, Sony has sold 200 units of the first Walkman and it has even become a known product in the world.

On October 31, 2001, iPod was born. And just like the walkman, it has also received lesser acceptance at first but then with continuous push, it eventually gained popularity which phased out the idea of portable music players such as Walkman. The cassette Walkman is not actually beaten by the iPod but the CD Walkman also from Sony. But in this case that iPod now prevails; it seemed that Sony has missed the assignment of having the desktop software to give people a portable experience in music play for which iPods are made of.

Photo credit: Crunchgear (Walkman); Gizmodo (iPod)

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