Sunday, October 3, 2010

iPhone New Hologram Creator Apps – Watch the Video!

I was crawling around the web this morning to find the latest and I had no idea that I was going to bump into the future of iPhone – well at least it is still a dream. I am talking about this video created by this man known as “the bald man” owing to what he calls himself in his site. The video is about an application in iPhone or the upcoming iPhone5 which have hologram-creation capabilities. As seen on the video of the bald guy, you just have to turn on the application and then start scanning your head. And then by holding it flat horizontally, the hologram of the scanned object will pop out of the screen. We know that it is still impossible for now to do that but this video gives us a promising glimpse of iPhone’s future.

I really had fun watching this video and while watching it, I started imagining what people can do if this hologram apps is finally available. I am thinking of having phone interviews with employers which can be very useful and modern. I also think that dating can be more fun by having this application on your phone.

This bald guy does have the talent in doing cool videos like this. If you have seen that shake it and see nude people walking apps video, it is also one of his creations. Cool bald guy!

Video credit: whoisthebaldguy (via YouTube)

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