Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Home Security with a Camera Phone

We do not want to easily trust anyone especially new people we meet. They can be criminals who may be watching all our moves while befriending us. Leaving our kids at home while we are working can be something to worry about. Home security is really important and that is the reason why security gadgets such as IP cameras are used by many homes and offices.

Network IP cameras are very useful when it comes to keeping our homes secured. But did you know that IP cameras can become handy with your cellphones? Yes, with your Android phone, you can use a webcam and connect it to its WiFi connection for streaming video. With the remote view capability of the IP camera connection capabilities of Android, you will be able to watch what is happening inside your house or wherever you want to plant the webcam.

To activate the IP settings of your Android phone, the first thing to do is to install the application and then start configuring the settings such as log-in and password, image quality, resolution, etc. Next, you have to look for a web browser or a client that can play streaming video, VLC for example. What you have to do with the browser or client is to load up the URL that the application will give you after configuring it.

The video output that you will receive is clear enough to be seen though the still shots can be a bit blurry. But what’s beneficial is its capability to be accessed remotely and it does not require any complicated requirements to set and it is FREE. This home security capability only requires the Android OS 2.2+ that can be downloaded in the Android Marketplace. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Gizmodo.com

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