Sunday, October 31, 2010

Honda Throws Party for ASIMO’s 10th Birthday!

If Geppetto is for Pinocchio, then Honda is for ASIMO – the robot boy they have created which has captured the world’s amazement for a decade now. ASIMO is now celebrating his 10th birthday and just like any sense of fairytale; somehow people who loved this robot can wish him to become a real boy. We’ll just wait for a fairy to drop by.

But seriously on his birthday, let us take a look on what ASIMO has accomplished over the years according to Telegraph.

“ASIMO was created 10 years ago as part of Honda's program of research and development into robotics and human mobility. After 10 years of innovation and development, it can now run and walk on uneven slopes and surfaces, climb stairs, and reach for and grasp objects. ASIMO can also comprehend and respond to simple voice commands, recognize faces and even avoid moving obstacles as it runs.”

ASIMO is moving on to the next level and that involved the fine tuning of his artificial intelligence (AI). Hopefully, this includes having the robot to care for the elderly and the disabled and having the ability that weak-bodied humans cannot do.

Photo credits: ASIMO Anniversary Site via Gizmodo

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Built-in SIM Card for Phones – Apple’s Development for iPhones

What do you think if a phone manufacturer will provide you with a SIM card exclusive to the phones they produce? This will surely give you more phone exclusive capabilities as far as purchasing is concerned which will cut out carriers. According to a GigaOM report, Apple is working on creating such iPhone exclusive SIM card!

According to Brian Barrett of Gizmodo, The plans reported by GigaOM involve the European market only, and would mean that customers could change carriers without having to change SIMs, and complete the entire purchasing process through Apple's website or retail stores. That would be effective overseas because the iPhone is offered by a multitude of carriers all operating on networks that use the same tech. In the US, the iPhone is an AT&T exclusive and incompatible with CDMA carriers.

But while the domestic implications of a baked-in SIM are few right now, one can imagine a future where they're quite powerful. The transition to 4G looks like it will be dominated by LTE, at which point one device would be compatible with all carriers. And AT&T's sweetheart deal looks all but expired. It may not be soon, but eventually an iPhone SIM would be just what Apple needs to circumvent carriers for hardware sales in the US. Just like they did with app sales.

Photo credit: GigaOM via Gizmodo

Monday, October 25, 2010

iPhone 4 Recharges Comfortably with Powermat Charger

If you think that the plug in phone chargers are already out then it is time for you to change your lifestyle to inductive charging mode. Cut off the crazy wires and cables and just charge your phones by laying it comfortably in a mat! Thanks to Powermat that this has become possible. This charging pad is already available for iPhone 4 with and accompanying case.

Wirelessly, this charger can recharge your iPhone 4 battery as seen on TV ads. Versions for other phones such as Droid X, EVO, Bold 9700Blackberry Curve 8500, and 9300 are on their way in the market.

Photo credit: Powermat via Gizmodo

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sony Cassette Walkman Killed on iPod’s Anniversary

For 3 decades that Sony has made the cassette Walkman a popular gadget icon, the company has finally announced the final demise of the portable cassette player. This means that they will stop manufacturing and selling the player right on the date when iPod celebrates its 9th birthday.

Stereo has become more portable with the birth of the Sony Walkman on July 1, 1979 in Japan making it a major breakthrough in the market. Though it was just a month-long hit because of media continuously panning it, Sony continued to push targeting younger markets by advertising it having young popstars. The efforts that year had good results and the sales grew ten times. For over 30 years, Sony has sold 200 units of the first Walkman and it has even become a known product in the world.

On October 31, 2001, iPod was born. And just like the walkman, it has also received lesser acceptance at first but then with continuous push, it eventually gained popularity which phased out the idea of portable music players such as Walkman. The cassette Walkman is not actually beaten by the iPod but the CD Walkman also from Sony. But in this case that iPod now prevails; it seemed that Sony has missed the assignment of having the desktop software to give people a portable experience in music play for which iPods are made of.

Photo credit: Crunchgear (Walkman); Gizmodo (iPod)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Protect Your iPhone4 with Metal Back Casing

Compared with the other models of iPhone who have fragile glass, this new iPhone 4’s backing made of glass is even more delicate. But there is always a solution to that without making your phone bulky with protective housings – a metal back cover.

Damaging your iPhone in case of accidental drops can become costly with repairs and sometimes it can be irreparable. So in order to avoid this to happen, all you have to invest in addition is $12 for a durable back metal casing. You can actually find so many of this beveled back metal case but there are also stores and blogs such as Unplggd where you can get something cheaper in price.

The metal back casing for iPhone4 is easy to install. All you have to do is to make some few screws and unscrewing and it is done. After having it, your iPhone is now protected against accidents without adding to much bulk on it.

Photo credit: Unplggd via Gizmodo

Friday, October 15, 2010

Online Test Drive a Mitsubishi at Home – Starting November 1

Test driving cars have already come to the next level – even actually doing it at home via the Internet. Yes, this program by Mitsubishi is totally amazing that you can have the ability to control a 2011 Outlander Sport by simply enrolling in a course where you can test drive car online without actually riding on it.

With this course, you will be able to steer the car, drive as if it is already yours, and maybe crash it if you can pay for the car itself. Experiencing this kind of test driving a car will let you use touch screen navigation. Having this as convenient as possible, there is no reason that you would not want to try this program.

Mitsubishi’s driverless test drive program will run from November 1 to November 10. You can start signing up for a slot now.

Video credit: Mitsubishi

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New iPhone Ringtones Secret

If you are fond of discovering iPhone secrets then here is one video that will let you get new ringtones without using any computer to download. Once you did what the video is actually telling, these iPhone ringtones are yours to have for free.

Though we have the chance to get these ringtones, they can only be used for rings during calls but not as SMS alerts. We just hope that someday Apply will let us use downloaded tones or tunes for text alerts.

Video credit: DreRandom via YouTube

Monday, October 11, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Apps Coming Your Way!

If you will try to visit the Zune Marketplace, you will notice that the section for the Windows Phone 7 is as empty as a vacant lot. But this is only for a moment because next month, loads of apps will be on their way for ready download.

Before launching the said apps, more apps will soon be announced and this is expected to gain more popularity for this phone. This phone is also Xbox Live connection enabled so this will mean heavy gaming action on your via mobile phone!

Here are reviews of different games, media, and social network via


Bye Bye Brain
You might be tired of tower defense games by this point. Don't be. Because as you can see, this one's 3D animations and perspective-shifting use of accelerometer make it a must-try.

Fruit Ninja
One of our favorites for the iPhone and iPad will be on WP7 at launch, so limber up those fingers for some pineapple-slicing action.

The Harvest
It's a cool-looking, graphics intensive RPG Microsoft's got on its hands. But more importantly, it's an exclusive cool-looking, graphics intensive RPG. Meaning your only chance to slay this particular alien horde is on WP7.

Sims 3
EA played coy for a while when it came to WP7 development, but thank goodness they're along for the ride—and bringing the venerable Sims franchise with them.

Three Zombie Games
What can I say? I'm a sucker for all things BRAAAIIIIIINNNNNNNSSSSSSS. And between Zombie Attack!, Zombies!!!!, and Age of Zombies it looks like I should be getting my fill.


Netflix will be there from the start, along with Watch Instantly functionality—which is going to look pretty sweet on those WP7 displays. Even more ways to clear out my queue!

Don't worry; Pandora's on its way. But in the meantime, it's worth giving Slacker a try—especially if you don't want to bother with a Zune Pass.

AT&T U-Verse Mobile
Here's a neat trick: even if you're not a U-Verse customer, you'll have full access to U-Verse TV content for $10 a month. And if you are a U-Verse customer, you get all the same viewing options along with the ability to manage your DVR.


We were a little worried about Twitter when it didn't show up on our WP7 in-depth look in July, but it'll be there on November 8th, complete with the ability to locate nearby tweets with GPS and the ability to poke around without signing in to a Twitter account.

Windows Phone 7 doesn't have an official Google Voice app, but third-party enabler GoVoice is already in the Zune Marketplace. In any incarnation—even for three bucks, as in this case—Google Voice is downright crucial.

Photo credit: Gizmodo

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ford Cars Now Comes with Cellphone-Like Dashboards

Cellphones nowadays are getting more functional and at the same time more useable having easy-to-use buttons and tweaks. This is where Ford has drawn its inspiration in designing dashboards of its new cars making them more useable and at the same time minimizing all the hassles while driving the car. In this design, Ford has collaborated with Ideo in order to give all the cars UI consistency.

Ideo, the original maker of the ‘Apple mouse’, provided some advice sought by Ford about giving their cars a standard layout that instead of creating their own inventions, they would rather adopt iPod and TV remote identical input devices.

According to via NY Times, here are the changes made by Ford on all its cars:
“One is the five-point controller - four directional arrows with a central button - on the steering wheel. Used on many electronic gadgets, it had roots in the points of the compass. Five-point controllers on the steering wheel are easily operated with the thumb, which lets drivers keep their eyes on the road.

A central eight-inch screen is organized around four corners and four colors: yellow-orange for the phone, green for navigation, blue for climate control and red for entertainment. There are, mercifully, large knobs for volume and fan speed.
You can see how much cellphone UI influenced Ford and Ideo in the prototype (the white and blue dashboard) and how much of that eventually trickled into the production model (the black dashboard). I think the changes that Ford made are absolutely welcome as car dashboards have been terrible from a technological standpoint for a very long time.”

Photo credit: Gizmodo

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hold Your Horses – 4G Phone is Coming Next Year!

The Verizon 4G iPhone is finally coming and it will be as soon as this coming 2011. But since Verizon iPhone is exclusively covering only one-thirds of Americans through the 4G LTE service, these customers will be the first ones to experience this new technology.

Verizon has always been dreaming about this advanced wireless standard called LTE and now with the 4G iPhone, it is indeed a dream come true for this company. Even the CEO of Verizon has already seen this coming.

Here is a little glimpse of the coming Verizon 4G iPhone.

Verizon is going to use the GSM-aligned LTE for the 4G wireless technology in all its phones. We have to remember that the iPhone at present is a GSM device which is not CDMA capable. But by using the GSM- aligned LTE, the technology used similar to AT&T will be comparable. Logically, the LTE will work as far as technology is concerned with both AT&T and Verizon running at fast speeds.

Photo credit: Gizmodo

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Motorola Droid Pro Looks Like a Blackberry Hybrid

If Motorola Android and Blackberry would have an offspring then it would be the new Motorola Droid Pro on Verizon. Though Blackberry has nothing to do with this new Motorola Droid model, the phone strangely looks like a marriage of the two phone brands. You can’t deny the fact that the Droid has the Qwerty keyboard which simply is a blackberry thing. But if you are expecting that this phone will work like the said phone, think again because this phone can be better.

Here are the specifications coming from Verizon:

3.1” screen
1 GHz processor
4 GB memory
5MP camera
QuickOffice for Office docs
Remote wipe
AuthenTec IPSec multi-headed VPn integration
SD card encryption

The camera’s video is DVD quality, DLNA compatible, and with 3G hotspot powers. Price is not yet official but I have been hearing something like $200.

Photo credit: BGR via Gizmodo

Sunday, October 3, 2010

iPhone New Hologram Creator Apps – Watch the Video!

I was crawling around the web this morning to find the latest and I had no idea that I was going to bump into the future of iPhone – well at least it is still a dream. I am talking about this video created by this man known as “the bald man” owing to what he calls himself in his site. The video is about an application in iPhone or the upcoming iPhone5 which have hologram-creation capabilities. As seen on the video of the bald guy, you just have to turn on the application and then start scanning your head. And then by holding it flat horizontally, the hologram of the scanned object will pop out of the screen. We know that it is still impossible for now to do that but this video gives us a promising glimpse of iPhone’s future.

I really had fun watching this video and while watching it, I started imagining what people can do if this hologram apps is finally available. I am thinking of having phone interviews with employers which can be very useful and modern. I also think that dating can be more fun by having this application on your phone.

This bald guy does have the talent in doing cool videos like this. If you have seen that shake it and see nude people walking apps video, it is also one of his creations. Cool bald guy!

Video credit: whoisthebaldguy (via YouTube)

New iPod Releases – Future is ‘Touch’

Going back to the feeling that I had when I bought my very first iPod almost 5 years ago, I was so amazed that this little gadget can actually have that big memory playing all the songs that I like. Now with the new releases of iPods minus the keypads and click wheels, the feeling of excitement is back especially now that the future of touch screen is in these new models.

These newly released iPod models are like hints that non-touch screen models will soon be phased out by touch integrated models. Let us take a review on these new product lines recently released in the market.

iPod Touch

The best thing to compare this new iPod Touch model is with iPhone 4 but it’s just that iPod works as an iPod while iPhone of course has the cellular components. This new model is already equipped with cameras. Yes, not only one camera but two cameras which can both give you still shots comparable to the iPhone 4 960x640 Retina display resolution. Aside from that, the tap-to-focus capabilities found in iPhone 4 is also present in this iPod offering. This can work as a pocket camcorder but only if you consider it as an additional tool of being a multimedia player. The size and style is impressive compared to the older models and the applications are still great which include the browser, email app, Google Maps and FaceTime.

On the other hand, if you really want to have a serious camcorder, better have a real high-end camcorder because this new model’s cam will not make digital cameras look like a loser. When it comes to sound, this model can still make Apple proud but not that much once you use external speakers. Though its speakers are housed the same as iPhone 4, the sound that this new iPod Touch produces is a bit tinny.

iPod Nano

The elongated Nano that we know before is now replaced with a model that is almost the same size as the Shuffle. Its new compact size and long battery life makes it more handy and perfect for active and sporty people especially during exercise and running. But what’s more amazing is that the former click wheels are already replaced by a touch-enabled screen! Yes, you can now navigate your Nano with your fingers where you can even use different types of applications. But don’t get too excited about third party apps because Nano is not enabled for those yet, well for sure this is only the start where in later models it would be enabled. For now, you can use standard apps such as Now Playing, Playlists, Radio, Clock, Photos, Fitness, and more.

Touch screen for Nano is an exciting new feature especially when the image of the song’s album being played colorfully wallpapers the screen of the device. Just like any other touch-enabled Apple device, the Nano can be both touched and multi-touched.

When it comes to sound quality, the Nano produces a solid quality sound. But now, the Nano is no longer video enabled probably because of its smaller screen size. Logically, you would have difficulty seeing videos assuming that they are played in this mini-gadget.

iPod Shuffle

In the Shuffle’s most previous model, the control buttons were replaced by an in-line control. But now, the buttons are back in the new Shuffle but the digital Voice-over that announces the playlist and song titles is still present. What I just missed from the 2nd generation models that are not brought back in this new model is the lock button feature that is very useful whenever you might always accidentally bump onto things that would unwontedly change the song played. Sound is solid with earphones or headphones but may sound tinny when using speakers.

Photo credits: SlashGear (group shot), Engadget (for Touch), TechCrunch (for Nano), BoingBoing (for Shuffle).