Sunday, October 31, 2010

Honda Throws Party for ASIMO’s 10th Birthday!

If Geppetto is for Pinocchio, then Honda is for ASIMO – the robot boy they have created which has captured the world’s amazement for a decade now. ASIMO is now celebrating his 10th birthday and just like any sense of fairytale; somehow people who loved this robot can wish him to become a real boy. We’ll just wait for a fairy to drop by.

But seriously on his birthday, let us take a look on what ASIMO has accomplished over the years according to Telegraph.

“ASIMO was created 10 years ago as part of Honda's program of research and development into robotics and human mobility. After 10 years of innovation and development, it can now run and walk on uneven slopes and surfaces, climb stairs, and reach for and grasp objects. ASIMO can also comprehend and respond to simple voice commands, recognize faces and even avoid moving obstacles as it runs.”

ASIMO is moving on to the next level and that involved the fine tuning of his artificial intelligence (AI). Hopefully, this includes having the robot to care for the elderly and the disabled and having the ability that weak-bodied humans cannot do.

Photo credits: ASIMO Anniversary Site via Gizmodo

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