Sunday, December 12, 2010

House Covered with Christmas Lights is Spectacularly Costly

The feeling of joy on having colored lights this Christmas at your home can be incomparable to most people that they at least have some Christmas lights in their house. But some can get too extravagant in lighting the entire house and garden using 1 million lights just like the Faucher Family of Delaware. This has already become a tradition for them every month of December that they setup lights most importantly for 25 years now. But how much would be the electric cost to maintain these bright and beautifully arranged Christmas lights? Let’s compute.

With the help of House Logic’s estimations and calculations, they have come up with a staggering result that will make you gawk. In a month of lighting the Faucher house with 1 million lights every 4 hours a night, they have computed an electric consumption of $82,320! Now that’s a bill worth celebrating the whole Christmas season!

House Logic has estimated the cost of $686 per hour if the 1 million lights are 5 watt-C7 bulbs. Assuming that they are using it for at least 4 hours each night for 30 days, there will be a total of 120 hours for the entire month. Multiply the cost per hour to the total hours in a month, the total charge for electricity will be $82,320. On the other hand, if the family will shift to LED lights, it will only cost them $89 per hour which will give them $71,640 savings for the month.

Photo credit: House Logic via Gizmodo

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tron Movie Inspired Hotel Room is Way Too Cool!

The new version of the Tron movie hasn’t been shown yet but Tron mania has already started and this hotel room in Sweden is one example. Just by looking at the photograph, you will know that it is already Tron and you can’t help but be mystified by the environment and be nostalgic with the old version of the movie that became a blockbuster back in the 80’s. This room is actually a part of the Ice Hotel which makes me want to visit and stay for a night or two.

This room called the “legacy of the river” is inspired by the nightclub scene in the movie and was designed by Extreme Design professionals Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas-Jones. As you can see, these two are obvious fans of the said movie and they have admitted they are. The Ice Hotel has 19 uniquely-designed rooms and this kind of style is one of them.

Superbly, the room was designed in great details and believe or not, the designers spent almost two weeks building it in a freezing (-22) degrees Celsius temperature.

Photo credit: Extreme Design via Design Boom

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Share Contact Details in Seconds with My Name Is iPhone App

The My Name Is E iPhone app will let you share contact information with anyone by simply opening it with a person who also have the application on their iPhone near you. Sharing your contact is now made easier especially when you are on a hurry or if you are in a crowd. By simply downloading the app, you can just open it and then send the details to other iPhones.

Once you open the app, your name will pop up on the iPhone of anyone who has the same app with you. This will happen in just seconds where you can be ready to send or not to send your personal details.

Another good thing about this is that you can also send your contact details to people who do not have an iPhone by using the app’s email capabilities. All you have to do is to email your contact details to those people.

The My Name Is E iPhone apps is free for use and downloadable from the iTunes store.

Photo credit: iTunes via Gizmodo

Sunday, December 5, 2010

This Office Exercise Chair is Extreme-Looking

Gym enthusiasts who are too busy working at the office can now do multitasking in both workout and paperwork. This chair called Gymgym is composed of 16 resistance bands that are designed to give you the chance to perform certain exercises while sitting. All you have to do is to work, relax, and does your favorite work out such as military press, bench press, and so on. This can be ideal whenever we are bored and we can think of something to do and we wish we are inside the gym to take care of our fitness. Now, this kind of new office chair becomes interesting.

At first look, we have to admit that the chairs appear scary. I just thought that it is a chair used in BDSM and other bondage and torture activities. But with 3 colors to choose from, you might want to get something that is less extreme to look at.

Photo credit: Gymgym via Gizmodo

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Best Buys This Holiday Season

As the Holiday Season approaches, holiday shopping rush is all over town with shops having on-sales that will truly make the experience more exciting and fun. Most of the time, it’s hard to pick which items on sale are worth purchasing because they all seem good to have! But hey, be careful on spending. You might be missing out the best buys that you can purchase and you can have this Season.

Thanks to people at that I have stumbled upon their best buy tips for this Christmas month! I think the advice is worth sharing and here are the best things to look for if they are on-sale this December:

Wedding dress and gears
According to SmartMoney website, the price of these products can be driven a bit because of slow season and decent stock. Since December is an ideal season of weddings and engagements to most couples, this can be a great buy especially with discounts!

Many people may have already taken early precautions in doing repairs in their houses and chimneys even before winter comes. This means that this season is not time for fixing things unless you want to work while it is freezing outside. But hey, you have to prepare your tools and get ready to be a handy man after the snow melts this December.

While New Year’s Eve is a bit far and still out of attention because people are still focused on Christmas, you got to start having your stock of champagne while prices haven’t risen yet.

Home Entertainment
HDTVs and other home entertainment stores may give you a great deal this month. January can also be the best time to buy but if you want to give a great gift this holiday season, this aint a bad suggestion.

Photo credit: Lifehacker