Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nikon’s First Professional Point-and-shoot Camera

To camera geeks and photography enthusiasts like me, this must be one of the most anticipated models you have been looking forward to have – the Nikon P7000. With all the confusion and bizarreness on certain features of the former model, this new release is far too better especially when talking about performance. This Nikon point-and-shoot camera can be the ultimate compact camera that I have right now.

With all the professional point-and-shoot cameras emerging in the market today, Nikon’s P7000 is comparable to Canon’s G-Series cameras. In fact, it is closely similar looking with the G11 more than the P6000, the model prior to the newest one. Like the G11, this model has the trick of having low-light performance by dropping megapixels. In comparison with the P6000, the P7000 is built with 10MP CCD sensor while the former had 14.2MP sensor minus some features such as geotagging, built-in GPS, and the Ethernet jack. The sensor performance of this camera is uniquely great wherein it has an ISO range that can be expanded up to 12,800, which makes it more reliable to use.

Now let’s talk about prints. When it comes to photo printing, the P7000 outshines G11. We can rather compare its photo quality with Lumix LX5 by Panasonic.

P7000 has an amazing video recorder partnered with a stereo microphone input which shoots 720p vid at 24fps. The lens is more flexible than having straight speed having 7.1x zoom 28-200 mm F2.8 to 5.6 attributes. According to Nikon, this model can offer “large optical viewfinder with diopter adjustment dial.”

The camera is full of fiddly dials, manual controls, bracketing, and the ability to shoot RAW which is Mac-compatible. Parting with your $500 when it comes out next month will truly be worth it.

Photo Credits: Nikon via Gizmodo

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