Monday, September 13, 2010

Pentax NB100 – Functional Camera and Lego in One!

Getting a new camera nowadays is getting more and more exciting. Aside from the powerful lenses and high quality photos created by these cameras, you can even get the craziest model designs. The new offering, Pentax NB1000, will make your Lego fascination come alive with actual design functionality. This powerful 14.1 megapixel camera equipped with 4x optical zoom and 720p video recording capability also have a front face Lego board where you can actually attached the Lego-like piece that comes with it.

The blocks used in this camera is not actually a Lego brand but it is similar to the concept of the famous toy. These pieces are actually called Nanoblocks which is based on the DiaBlock trademark toy from Japan which has the same principle of enhancing the creativity and ingenuity of the user. In this camera, you will be able to mount the small bricks to create whatever you want your camera front to look like. This can actually become functional when it comes to the way that you want your grip to become more comfortable and secured. The bottomline is that NB1000 will not only let you take cool pictures, it can also be fun to have.

NB1000 is set to be released this year with an affordable price of $240. This model is available in two cool colors – safari green and monochromatic white.

Photo credits: Design Boom

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