Monday, November 22, 2010

Update Your iPad and iPhone with the Latest iOS 4.2

The honest-to-goodness iOS 4.2 is now out to give iPad and iPhone users the newest features that will give additional experiences such as multitasking, AirPlay, and Find My iPhone free service.


If you are an “appoholic” and you love to use different kinds of apps switching them back and forth, now you can get rid of flipping through page after page of them because switching is made easier. Finally, you also get a unified inbox! Another extra that you will love is the change of orientation lock to a mute switch. By just double-tapping the home button, the orientation will be locked. To reach a soft switch, all you have to do is to swipe it to the left.


This feature lets you wirelessly stream music and videos from iPad or iPhone to an Apple TV without the fuss. Another called AirPrint, on the other hand, will let you print docs and webpages to a printer wirelessly.

Find My iPhone

This service is free though limited only to iPhone4, iPod Touch 4th gen, and iPad. By using a map, you will be able to find your lost iOS device by using this service. You just have to make sure that the service is activated.

Other iOS 4.2 features

You can get new ringtones for your iPhone4, text searching inside Safari webpages, and different fonts that you can select to use in the Notes app.

You can get the iOS 4.2 update by plugging your device in iTunes and then check for updates.

Photo credit: Apple

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