Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bike-Sharing Scheme Using WiFi and GPS – New York

If you think cars can only have wireless Internet system and satellite tracking technology, now, bicycles can also be equipped with WiFi and GPS. In fact, the Department of Transportation in New York City is proposing to equip the technology to 10,000 bikes. This scheme is actually a pimped community bike plan that was already started in places like Denver, Minneapolis, Washington, and Amsterdam.

When this happens, it will become the largest bike-sharing system in the entire United States. Aside from the number of bikes, they can also be available 24 hours a day with unlimited 30-min long hire periods. Hiring a bike can be done by subscription which is also accessible in 30 docking stations strategically located in the city. This can also be the greenest ever cycling experience since 600 of these bikes are solar-powered.

This can be a new amazing experience for bikers that is on its way.

Photo credit: Fastco

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