Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet the Creative Doodlers of Google Logo

Aside from being an ideal search engine, what makes me want to visit Google is the excitement of seeing the doodles on its logo! Who can’t forget Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary Google logo where you can actually play the game? I can also remember the playable music video of Imagine on John Lennon’s birthday this year. And who would have thought that the main doodlers of Google have already attained a unique career in their company?

Yes, the team of the talented and clever google doodlers of the search engine led by Chief Doodler Michael Lopez has already become a regular job position and they are really doing great works every now and then. But though this Google job has formally started only in 2003, the tradition has already started years ago even in the early days of the search engine. According to the founders of the company Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the first doodle that they can remember doing was making the second ‘O’ of the logo a stick figure using a clip art.

According to the former lead doodler Dennis Hwang, "Larry and Sergey had done some of these themselves and they used freelance artists. The doodles didn't have any consistency, and they covered mainly the big U.S. holidays. So when I joined, we started a slightly more formal process and looked at how to have more fun with it."

At present, the doodler team is composed of four people led by Lopez where they think of ways on how they can make great logo tweaks that will somehow become fun, informative, and timely.

Photo credit: Lea Suzuki - The Chronicle via Gizmodo

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