Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tron Movie Inspired Hotel Room is Way Too Cool!

The new version of the Tron movie hasn’t been shown yet but Tron mania has already started and this hotel room in Sweden is one example. Just by looking at the photograph, you will know that it is already Tron and you can’t help but be mystified by the environment and be nostalgic with the old version of the movie that became a blockbuster back in the 80’s. This room is actually a part of the Ice Hotel which makes me want to visit and stay for a night or two.

This room called the “legacy of the river” is inspired by the nightclub scene in the movie and was designed by Extreme Design professionals Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas-Jones. As you can see, these two are obvious fans of the said movie and they have admitted they are. The Ice Hotel has 19 uniquely-designed rooms and this kind of style is one of them.

Superbly, the room was designed in great details and believe or not, the designers spent almost two weeks building it in a freezing (-22) degrees Celsius temperature.

Photo credit: Extreme Design via Design Boom

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