Sunday, December 5, 2010

This Office Exercise Chair is Extreme-Looking

Gym enthusiasts who are too busy working at the office can now do multitasking in both workout and paperwork. This chair called Gymgym is composed of 16 resistance bands that are designed to give you the chance to perform certain exercises while sitting. All you have to do is to work, relax, and does your favorite work out such as military press, bench press, and so on. This can be ideal whenever we are bored and we can think of something to do and we wish we are inside the gym to take care of our fitness. Now, this kind of new office chair becomes interesting.

At first look, we have to admit that the chairs appear scary. I just thought that it is a chair used in BDSM and other bondage and torture activities. But with 3 colors to choose from, you might want to get something that is less extreme to look at.

Photo credit: Gymgym via Gizmodo

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